Colours of the Rain: More Plans

The walk from the library to his apartment took about 20 minutes. He finally stopped in front of a brick building and pointed up.  “This is me.”
She nodded, making a mental note of the address.  “I’m in apartment 407.”
“407,” she echoed.  “Okay I got it.”
“I’d ask you in.  But that seems a little creepy.”
“Very creepy.”
They stood silently on the sidewalk, looking at each other.  The silence grew uncomfortable, as much as she liked to look at him.
“I should go,” Ocean finally said, stepping backwards.  She thumped in the street sign behind her.  She giggled. She didn’t really want to leave his company, but she had no reason to stay.
He nodded, looking helpless.  She smiled.  “Thank you for the books.”
“Your welcome.  Books are important.”
“They are.”
She smiled and turned.  Then she stopped and turned around again.  “What are you doing tomorrow?”  her voice squeaked.
He was facing away from her, searching his pockets for his keys.  “I work tomorrow evening again.  No plans for tomorrow.”
“Do you want to get a drink or something?  To eat I mean.”
“He smiled as he turned to her.  “I’d like that.  What time?”
“Same time?”
“Yeah, same time.”
“Good.”  She had a huge smile on her face, as they looked at each other.  A lump formed in her throat as she smiled at him.  He was smiling back just as much.  “See you tomorrow,” she called over her shoulder.  She almost skipped away from him.
Back at the hostel she threw herself on to her bed, hugging her pack to her chest.  After a few minutes of basking in the feeling of connection, she opened her bag.  She withdrew one of the books and settled herself on the bed to read.

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