Colours of the Rain: Friends

For the next few weeks, Ocean and Terin spent their spare time together.  They ate lunch together.  He introduced to her to his friends in the square.  Ocean finished her books from the library within a week and was immediately whisked back to the library for some more.
Slowly, Ocean was relaxing her guard around him.  He noticed that she was less jumpy. She was more willing to laugh and joke.  More often, she was smiling spontaneously.  She even touched him casually on occasion.
Terin decided to save up so he could take her to a nice restaurant.  Something where they had to wait more than 5 minutes for their food.  It took him a month to get a respectable amount of money.  It wasn’t much, but it was something.
They were sitting in the square when he asked her.  “I have next Friday off.  I was wondering if you wanted to have something real to eat.  At a nice resteraunt.”
She tilted her head, looking at him for a moment.  “I’m not sure I have anything to wear.”
“Wear whatever.  Who cares?  It won’t be fancy.  But I’d like to take you for a treat.”
“A date?”
“No.  Not a date.”
A smiled crossed Ocean’s lips.  Terin slumped his shoulders.  He didn’t want to name it a date, he was sure that Ocean wouldn’t join him if they called it that.
“It’s not a date, Ocean.”
“I said yes, Terin.”
She laughed.  Her hands gripping her bag between her legs.  She threw her head back and laughed.  It was the first time she had laughed like that.  completely free.  He wanted to hug her.  He wanted to hold her close.  He wanted to feel her in his arms, against his body.  He squeezed his eyes shut trying to let go of the desire.
She sobered quickly and wiped her face.  She took a few deep breathes, still chuckling.  “I’m sorry.  You just should have seen the look on your face.”
He tried to look indignant.  But when faced with her smiling face, he couldn’t help but beam back at her.  “I didn’t expect you to say yes.”
“Well, I guess we can both be surprised.  I didn’t think you’d ask.”
“There it is.  So next Friday.  How about 7?”
“Sure.  I’ll dress up in my best clothes. Maybe I’ll see if I can get something fancy.”
“Don’t spend money on my account.”
“You’re spending the money to take me out.  The least I can do is get a nice shirt.”
He was pacing in front of her.  He pulled his hands out of his back pockets and sat down next to her, so his thigh was touching hers. “I love to make you smile.”
She smiled and nudged him with her shoulder.


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