My fave character

Corey is my favorite character. He wrote himself into Kip and Mandy’s story Second Chance Romance. He was funny and intriguing. And I want to know his back story.

Those are not why he’s my favorite.

When I was 15-16 I was madly in lust with a guy named Cory. He was a goalie for our local senior hockey club. I grew up in a town of 400, hockey games were the highlight of our winter.

I stalked him for a long time. I hate to admit it. It is embarrassing. If true. I could still stalk  him. He’s on Facebook. Looking at his pictures, he’s passably good-looking, but no longer hot.

of course, I was such a freak he never gave me the time of day. So all I knew of him is my fantasy of him. Writing Corey’s story will give me closure on that fantasy.

I am still working on his background as well as his perfect woman/nemesis. I hope to get back to writing soon.


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  1. I still stalk girls who never give me the time of day. I just seem like such a nice guy, no one ever expects it.


    I’ve taken to writing about my more current relationships…it’s interresting to see the responses from the people around me.

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