Getting my characters drunk

In Summer Fling, Serena got drunk and threw herself at Ky.

I’m writing a scene in the thrid book, Mackenzie is drunk and she kisses Corey (in Kip and Mandy’s bedroom).


Both of the women deny they want their respective men. Mackenzie gets drunk to spite her brother and relax. Her life isn’t the way she planned.

Alcohol is a depressant. It kills your inhibitions. You do things you wouldn’t normally do.

Both women are adults. Alcohol is part of most adult gatherings. Getting drunk has been used for some time for getting into bed with someone.

Regardless, next time I won’t get my heroine drunk. Although, most of the author’s I read have a “thing” they do in their books. For instance, I once read 4 or 5 novels by Sabrina Jeffries and then had to stop because every book had a scene with light bondage.


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