Colours of the Rain: Dating

Ocean woke early on Friday morning.  The hostel was quiet still and the sun was barely up. Ocean got up and read some of her current novel.  Then she had a shower and got dressed.  She looked at her watch, in 12 hours she was having supper with Terin.  What was she going to do all day?  Most of her days off were spent with him.  Since she was spending her evening with him, would he want to see her today too?
She got some breakfast and then headed for the square.  IT was empty. Sighing, she decided to just walk around for a while.
Fourty minutes later she found herself outside of his apartment building. “This is silly, Ocean,” she said to herself. “completely silly.”
She forced herself to walk back to the hostel.  The place was busy. SHe sat on her bed and read for a long time. In the late afternoon she got herself a snack at the store on the corner, the one that Terin worked at.
She tried to get a nap in later in the day, but was too keyed up to do so.
At 5, she had a shower and put on some make-up.  At 5:30 she sat on her bed, worried.  She chastised herself for being nervous about the date.  It was just Terin and it wasn’t a real date.  ITt was just Terin.
“There she is,” she heard Becky say.
“Becky what are you doing here?”
Becky was not alone, another girl, Rachel, from the restaurant was with her.  “We couldn’t let you get ready for your first date in six years alone.”
Becky smiled at Ocean, who felt relief.  “Thank you.  So much.  I’m so nervous.  And it’s crazy, because I”ve spent all my free time for the past two months with Terin.”
Becky smiled. “But, you were just hanging out.  Now it’s  a date.  Do you think he’ll kiss you?”
“Becky you aren’t helping,” Ocean wailed, bending over.
“Sorry.  Just take a deep breath and remember it’s Terin.”
“Right,” Rachel added.  “So, do we need to decide what you are wearing?”
“Sorta.  I have three options.”  Ocean stood up and opened her pack.  She laid the clothes out on the bed.
“Are these all your clothes?” Rachel asked.
Ocean nodded. “They sure are.  Thanks to Becky who donated to my sorry ass.”
“You ass is not sorry.  I wish I had your ass.  Anyway, I think you should go with the red shirt and the skirt. And I brought the shoes for you.”
Ocean smiled. “Thank you, so much.”
Becky opened her purse and took the shoes out.  “Rach, what’s your opinion?”
“I think she’s right.  The red with the skirt. He’ll be on the floor worshipping you.”
“He already does,” Becky said.
“Right.  So, make up?” Rachel said.
“I already did it.”
“Oh, no you did not.  Come on, get dressed and then we’ll do you up properly.  I brought my travel kit.” Rachel held up her bag, which was nearly the size of Ocean’s pack.
Twenty minutes later, the three girls were crowded int he bathroom.  “Is he picking you up?” Becky asked.
“I guess so.  We’re meeting in the square. Y’know.  Easier and stuff.”
“RIght.  Well, it’s not like he has a car or anything.  And the square is on your doorstep,” Rachel said.
“Exactly.  And we are just friends going out for supper.”
“It’s a date. You can’t deny that.  And you need to kiss him if he doesn’t kiss you.  He hangs on your words, her practically drools when you aren’t looking at him.  And I saw you playing footsie under the table last week,” Becky said.
“Yeah I saw it too,” Rachel added.
“Fine it’s a date and I’m totally crushing on him.”  Ocean pushed her way out of the bathroom.
Rachel and Becky sighed and followed her.  they found her curled up on her bed.
“We’re pushing aren’t we?” Becky said.
“A little. I’m just freaked out.  I swore I wouldn’t let this happen.  Ever.”
“What happen?  Falling for a guy?”
“Attachment.  When I started on my journey, I swore I would never be attached to anyone or anything ever again.”
“Because. It doesn’t matter. It’s just the way it is.  ANd now, I’m attached. And I don’t like it.”
Becky and Rachel rubbed Ocean’s back until she was breathing normally.  “Come on you don’t have much time to get ready.”
It was 6:30 when Rachel and Becky declared Ocean ready.  Ocean felt the furthest from ready that she could imagine.  But, there was no time to dwell on it right now. She had to thank Becky and Rachel for helping her and then head for the square.
Becky and Rachel said they would go after they knew she was safely in Terin’s hands.  They weren’t going to give her an opportunity to run.
They waited with her by the fountain.  Terin came up dressed in a crisp blue shirt, and black pants.  His hair was combed and still damp.  He looked a little nervous and then relieved as he saw her.
He smiled and kissed her cheek. “Hi,” he said, softly.
“Hi yourself.”
“We’ll make ourselves scarce now,” Becky said.  “Didn’t want her to be out here alone, you know?”
Terin smiled, not looking away from Ocean. “Thank you for bringing her.”
“See you later, have fun,” Becky said.  She grabbed Rachel’s arm.  “Let’s go stand where we can watch them.”
“Let’s go grab a bite to eat, instead.”
Terin was still looking at Ocean. “You look very nice.”
“Thanks.  Becky and Rachel did my make up for me.”
“IT looks good.  I mean, I’m not used to it.”
“Me either.  And I’m not sure I like it.  But it made them feel happy.”
“You just did it for them then?”
“No.  For you too.”
He grinned at her.  “I’m teasing.  IT’s okay.  I like you without make up.”
“We should get going.”
“Can I put my arm around you?”
“Uh, okay.  If you want.”
“I’ve wanted nothing more than to touch since well the second day I knew you.” He glanced at her, an embarrassed look on his face. He slid his arm around her waist and pulled her body against his.
She smiled and leaned her head on his arm. She took a deep breath, inhaling his scent.  He was wearing aftershave or cologne, he didn’t usually wear. The scent was light and she could smell him as well.
“You look nice too.”
“Thank you. I got some things.”
“It looks good.  Very nice.”
They had to take the bus to get to the resteraunt. Terin looked slightly embarrassed by the suggestion. “I’ve been walking all day, the ride will be nice on my feet,” Ocean offered, soothing him.
He smiled gratefully at her as they rode. He kept his arm around her, keeping her against him, like she might bolt or disappear if he let go.
The restaurant was busy already.  But they got a table right away. He held out her chair for her and then took his seat across from her.  He ordered two glasses of wine for them right away.
She ordered a pasta off the menu. IT was inexpensive but good.  IT was something she hadn’t had in a long time.  She settled into her seat and looked at him.
“I wasn’t sure you would show up,” he said.
“I said I would.”
“I wasn’t sure I would show up.”
“But you had to just in case I did?”
“Yeah.”  She put her hand near the center of the table.  He covered it with his, squeezing it gently.  His thumb stroked her palm.
She half closed her eyes, concentrating on the feeling.  She sighed.  It was a happy sigh. “Thank you for this, evening.”  She decided when Becky and Rachel were doing her make up that she would leave in the morning.  She would leave with this happy memory, with this one evening with him.
“Thank you for letting me give it to you.  I didn’t think you would.”
“I was surprised myself.  But, I’m glad.  I like you, a lot.  I’ve enjoyed every minute I”ve spent with you.”  And I’ll miss you every minute when I leave.  She closed her eyes, pressing the tears back.
She could still feel the tears when she opened her eyes. “Hey, it’s not that big of a deal. It’s just supper.”
“IT’s not just supper.  We both know that.”  She let a sad smile touch her lips.
With his other hand the touched her face.  He brushed her cheek with his thumb.  “Don’t cry please.  I can’t bear it.”
She nodded and felt the feeling ebbing away.
The wine came right after that.  Followed by the appetizer he had ordered.  She nibbled on hers, wanting to prolong the experience.  IT would probably be another six years before she ate out again.
She put down her bread, because she couldn’t swallow for the lump in her throat.  She should be honest and tell him her plan, but she couldn’t bring herself to do that.
He was watching her.  “What’s going on in there?”
“Nothing.  I’m just thrilled to be here.”
“That’s not true.  But I promised you the first time, that I wouldn’t pry. But I wish you would tell me.”
“I can’t.”
“That’s not true either.”
She picked up her toast and took a big bite. “See I’m fine.”
He shook his head.  Supper didn’t take long to come, either.  Ocean just sat and looked at it, breathing in the steam and warm, delicious smell.  “This is heaven,” she breathed.
He smiled, watching her pleasure of the food. She ate delicately, using her knife to cut into the pasta.  “This is the best food I”ve ever had,” she gushed to him.
“I’m glad,” he said.  She didn’t notice that he slowly ate his food, that he was too busy watching her.  She ate every bite of hers.  She was stuffed, but couldn’t resist when he suggested they share some chocolate cake.
Afterward, he paid for the bill.  And then he ushered her outside.  “Thank you for tonight,” she said again.  The tears were back.
He pulled her to the building. “What is wrong Ocean?  Please tell me.”
“I have to leave in the morning.” The tears spilled over her cheeks and she grabbed onto him.
“Because, I can’t stay here any longer.”
“You can’t leave. I just met you.”  He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her tight.  He felt tears spring into his eyes.
“I’ve stayed here longer then I’ve stayed anywhere in the past 6 years, Terin.”  She rubbed her face into his shoulder. “It’s time for me to move on.”
“I won’t let you go.  I won’t let you. Ocean, I am in love with you.  I didn’t want to tell you yet. But, you can’t leave.” He squeezed her tighter.
“That’s why I have to leave.  I swore I’d never get attached to anyone or anything again. But I am attached to you and I have to leave.”
“No.  You have to stay here with me.  Give me tonight to convince you please. If I haven’t convinced you of it in the morning and you can tell me with a straight face, I’ll walk with you to the bus station or train or whatever it is you leave on.”
“Terin.”  Her voice was tortured as she looked at him.  The sun was setting. She pulled away from him a little and wiped her face.
“Don’t say no.  Please.”
She closed her eyes, wishing to forget the look on his face.  But she couldn’t erase it from her mind.  And she couldn’t say no to his eyes. She relaxed. “Okay.”
He took her to the bus stop then. And they got off down the street from his apartment.  They stopped outside it while he fumbled with his keys.  HE turned to her before he unlocked the door.  “I won’t do anything you don’t want to. Okay?”
She nodded, silently.  She was afraid if she spoke she would start crying again.  After her breakdown outside the resteraunt, she had given to her feelings.  She was scared.  She felt like she didn’t know how to act anymore.
She wanted to run, but she couldn’t seem to get her legs to move in the right direction away from him.  She knew that if she went up to his apartment with him she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from kissing him.  Which would lead to touching, and that would leave to them making love.  And she wouldn’t leave in the morning.
She was powerless against a force that was moving her toward him.  She followed him silently.  She would have to tell him the truth eventually and then he would leave her.
Outside his apartment he warned her.  “My furnishings are sparse.  Non-existent.”
She nodded. “I don’t care.”
He smiled, vaguely at her.  He opened the door and let her inside.  There was a bed in one corner and a computer desk with a chair in another corner.  A fridge, stove and coffee pot in the kitchen.  That was all there was.  There were some plates in the sink.
He sat on the chair and watched her walk around. “This is it.”
“IT’s wonderful,” she said, standing in front of him.
“No, it’s horrible. But it’s mine.”
“I own nothing.  You are the first person I”ve touched in six years.”
He stood, towering over her.  He placed his arms on her shoulders and bent down.  His lips brushed against her lips. “I love you,” he whispered, then covered her mouth again.
She swallowed hard, and then kissed him back.  Her body melting to his.
He grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head.
She moved backwards until she was against the bed.  Then she laid down, holding onto his hands and pulling him down over her.  He let his weight down half on her as he found her lips again.
She closed her eyes and let him in.  “I love you too.  Go easy on me, it’s been a long time.”


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