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Smashwords made me change my name from asrai devin to Asrai Devin.

They say this:

Sloppy metadata
Take pride in how your book is displayed. Metadata is data attached to your book, such as the book title, your author name, or your book description. Your book title should be Inital Caps, not ALL CAPS. My Brilliant Memoir is an example of Initial Caps. If you do lower caps, like my brilliant memoir or My brilliant memoir, we’ll reject it. Same thing with your author name. Joe Smith is good, joe smith is sloppy and we’ll reject it. For the book description, tell your reader about the book. Don’t use ALL CAPS and don’t mention promotions, prices, ISBNs or hyperlinks.

I’ve been no caps for a few years. Like e.e. cummings.

Now should I argue the point? Let it go? Remove my books in protest?

I have changed it right now, because I lose premium distribution if I don’t. I am looking where I should complain. Really I don’t care that much, but it annoys me that they assume sloppiness or lack of pride. It can be deliberate. I am also afraid that I will lose a battle because I don’t have a good reason for lack of caps.

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