Conflict is easy

The basis of a good plot is conflict. Always upping the ante for the characters. Figuring out what would make their life WORSE.

For instance, I struggled with Corey Porter’s story in the beginning because I couldn’t figure out what woman would aggravate him the most. Someone he couldn’t have, obviously. But what did that look like?

I have her now. It’s a secret until I finish writing their story.

Generally though, conflict in fiction is easy. Torturing characters piece of cake.

Resolution is a pain in the ass.

How to resolve all that conflict in a believable way is difficult.

Conflict: guy and girl mutually like each other. He thinks he’s not good enough. She sets out to make him change his mind.

He will because I like my happily ever afters. But why? Something she says, does. He gets tired of fighting.
I hate when the resolution seems too simple. Too made up. I feel the ending for Second Chance Romance was that way. And Summer Fling Fling was a little as well.

Anyway, I’m nearly done this short story thing. I’m near the resolution. Except not sure it really had THE DARK MOMENT. oh well …

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