Colours of the Rain: Staying

When she woke she was sore. Her body was aching and her emotions were raw.  The sun was streaming into the apartment. She huddled down under the blanket further, sighing.  She was alone and she wasn’t in the hostel.  SHe opened her eyes, blinking in the bright light.
“It’s bright in here.”
“Yes.  Well, that happens around noon.”
“Noon?  How long have I been sleeping?”
“Well, you finally let me get some sleep around midnight I think.  But, I woke you around 2 I think.  So, about 8 or 9 hours.”
“Nine?  I haven’t slept more than 3 hours in four years.”
“Only four years?”
“I was raped four years ago.”
“What?” He jumped off his chair and onto the bed.  He was wearing a pair of jeans and they scratched her bare skin.  He pulled her close under the blankets.
“I was raped.  It was in a hostel.  It happened in the night.  And since then I havne’t been able to sleep.”
“You didn’t press charges or anything?”
“God no.  I left town that day.”  She looked up him.  “Don’t look at me like that.  It wasn’t that bad.  I just haven’t been able to sleep since then.”
He kissed her forehead. “I’m glad you slept last night.  And I was thinking, this morning, while I watched you sleep.”
“You were thinking?”
“You should move in with me here.”  He ducked his head, avoiding her gaze.
“But I”m leaving.”
“Yes. I can see.  But, the thing is.  I have your clothes.  And I’m holding them hostage until you agree to live with me.”
“You don’t play fair.”
“Neither do you.”
“Yes.  Now do you agree with the terms?”
She looked at him.  She stretched up and kissed him softly. “Yes.”
“Then you’re clothes on beside the bed.”
She pushed his shoulder.  He pulled her tighter. “But if you live here, you have to help with the bills, you have to cook for me.  And you have to sleep next to me every night.”
“I can do that.” She yawned. “Let’s discuss the explicit details later.  Right now, I have something else in mind.” She rubbed her hips against him, feeling him surge.
“Again?” He undid his jeans and pushed them off his legs, struggling under the blankets to get them off his feet.
“Hey you’re bringing me out of a six year drought. If you can’t handle it.”
“I can take it,” he growled, rolling her onto her back. “If you can.”  His fingers found her wet and willing already.  “Are you sore?”
“Yes. But, I still want you.”
He entered her, slowly, watching her face. “Okay?”
She lifted her hips, taking him fully into her.  “Yes. Damn it. Come on, or I”ll have to start begging you to fuck me.”
He growled, kissing her again.
After he pulled her close.  She snuggled against him and quickly he realized she had fallen asleep.  He kissed her head and slid out of bed. He went back to his chair and the computer.  Turning around once more he smoothed her hair.  He was lucky to have her.  But he wondered what she wasn’t telling him.


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