The "WOO"

Alchemy (Buckley Magick)

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I am an atheist. More or less. Agnostic perhaps? I wrote about it here.

While I don’t believe in a God or Goddess is a real person out there watching me. I am not a skeptic. The two seem to go together for most people. But, I like the “woo”. Sometimes I know I shouldn’t. It doesn’t make logical sense that thinking positive can do anything. Or that a randomly drawn Tarot card can tell us anything.

I believe in “The Woo”.

I think you prove anything by looking where you want. Intuition for example. If you believe in it you can find evidence. Vice versa.

I love positive thinking. I like to play with Flowdreaming. And my tarot cards have always been oddly accurate overall. Not always specifically, but over all.

I don’t know if positive thinking actually works. But, it makes me feel better than realistic thinking. And I feel like I’m doing something. I think that’s why most people want to subscribe in SOMETHING. It makes them feel less helpless. That’s why I always loved Witchcraft. I could do something to influence my life rather than random happenstance.

I’ve read that if you draw a tarot card everyday you can see a pattern emerge. It can tell you something. I’ve never stuck to drawing a daily card. I forget in the morning or I’m rushed. But right now I’m on maternity leave and have more time to myself than usual (some of which I should use to clean the house, but don’t) so I’m hoping I can make a go of it and blog about it here once in a while.

My question regarding the daily draw is not how my life will be for the day.I’m at home with a newborn, my 7 year old and my husband is here in the evenings. Not much variance. But, I want to ask how my writing will go for the day.

Today’s card is .. 5 of Pentacles. Reversed.

Another day i’ll write more about what the card I draw means.Reblog this post [with Zemanta] You’ll have to look it up for now.


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