Colours of the Rain: Together

“What are you thinking about?” Terin asked her, as they lay naked in their bed.  They had been together for 3 weeks, making it nearly two months since he’d first met her.
“I was thinking about how we met and got together.”
“You almost left town on me.”
“I had given up hope you’d make a move.”
“Well, lucky for us I did.”
She yawned and pushed the blankets back.  She went to the kitchen and got herself a cup of coffee.  On her way back she found her robe on the floor where she had left it the night before. She wrapped it around herself and put the coffee aside.
“I still get scared sometimes.”
“Because I doubt that I was meant to have anything special.”
“You doubt yourself.”
“Yes.” Ocean sat up and wrapped her arms around her knees and looked out the window.
“So why have you been on the run for six years, Ocean?” It was the first time he’d asked out right.
Ocean felt a wave of tears overcome her.  She balled up tighter and hid her face in her lap. Terin wrapped his arms around her best he could and rubbed her shoulder until she calmed down.
He waited a moment to see if she would answer his question. When she didn’t speak he did. “Ocean, you never have to tell me your real name, where you came from or why you ended up here. And if you decide to leave, I’ll let you go. I’ll always love you, wherever you go. And while you are here, I will show you that and I will support you unconditionally.”
Terin looked out the window at the rain that was subsiding and the sun that was starting to shine through. “Look,” he said, touching the glass of the window where the rain still hung on.
“What?” Ocean’s voice was hoarse. Her face was tear-stained as she looked.
“The colours of the rain.” She smiled at him. He pulled her down beside him and kissed her face. “Sleep love. Sleep well.”


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