Queen of Swords


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Another day, another sword card. I didn’t choose a card yesterday. Nor did I write. I didn’t do a damn thing yesterday. Oh yes, I made a cover for Colours of the Rain and released it for free on Smashwords. It’s one of my favorite things I’ve written. Strange little story that it is.

The Queen of Swords in my lovely deck depicts the story of Atalanta, whose dad wanted a boy so badly he tried to kill her by sticking her on a hillside. She ended up being raised by a group of hunters and become a kick ass heroine. Eventually, dear old dad heard about her wonderfulness and he took her back in and tried to marry her off. She said fine, but I’ll only marry a guy who can run faster than me, if he loses a race, I’ll kill him. (really). A lot of guys lost. Aphrodite helped out the winner, a dude named Melanion, by giving him three golden apples to drop during the race and trip her up. I guess it worked out. Sort of, seems Melanion talked her into going at it in Zeus’s sacred and they were turned into lions. Which as bad  because Greeks thought that lions could only make it with leopards.

So … that’s Atalanta’s story.  I lovelovelove Greek mythology. Always have since reading a versionof the Odyssey and Illiad in grade 7.

The story of the queen of swords is one of ambivalence and aloofness. She’s a perfectionist. She likes honesty and direct communication.

There is a positive and negative side to each card. And today I’m feeling the negative energy of this one. Perfectionsim as a rule of the day. True that …

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