My DH watched 2012 a few nights ago. And because I’m nursing and the most comfortable chair is in front of the television, I ended up watching parts of it.

Terribly corny. Terribly … American. with a nice dash of  Bible stuff like a world wide flood, fire and brimstone and an ark.

And then there’ is the main characters a family divided who finds out early about the arks and the impending disaster, who are going to try to stow away on the arks.

I’m sitting there watching them try to get there, the whole time thinking things like “I don’t care if they make it.” and “why are they more special the other billions who are left behind”.

I just really didn’t care if they made it or not. No sympathy for me at all. Which is the most important part of any story. The viewer, reader, listener HAS to care what happens to them. Otherwise you lose your audience.

In 2012, you know that SOMEONE is going to make it. That’s all that really matters. There are some secondary stories like Danny Glover as President of the USA, who is supposed to get on an ark but instead gets run over by a tsunami and a ship. There are some people on the arks and some dude who accidently lets it slip to the public (I think).

Also, I didn’t care about any of them. 2012 in making characters people care about. FAIL.


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