What do you prefer

Once upon a time, my daughter was going to be an only child. And I found the only child bias to be large, so I set up a google alert for ‘Only child” and ‘only children’.

Most of the stuff is blogs about why only children are okay or not okay. And then at the bottom there comes the crap questions from YahooAnswers. And I can’t help but click on them.

Today’s question was “would you prefer to be a twin, an only child or having siblings?” the asker had a twin and loved it. And I love having a brother. And my daughter loved having no siblings (y’know until we had our second unplanned pregnancy and now have a beautiful boy).

You can’t have preference for something you’ve never experienced. If you have siblings you’ll never know what it’s like to be an only child. (Well that’s not entirely true. My daughter enjoyed her 7.5 years of only child status). If you don’t have siblings you’ll never know what it’s truely like to live with them.

This is the problem with things like going to college. At 17 or 18 or 16, you think you’d like psychology or computer science or accounting. And then you spend $10,000 for a few years to find out that you really don’t like that field. So do you keep going? Transfer to something else and spend a few more years beyond the 4? Do you drop out and have a huge student loan and nothing to show?

I dropped out. I had a friend who transferred to another major and enjoys his new job. I have another friend who kept going but hated the field after she graduated and is now working in a totally different aspect trying to go to school for something else entirely.

I once saw a book in the library, I wish I had taken out and read. It was about how most of kids who to college right after high school don’t finish college right away. A good proportion drop out, work for a while, figure out life and then go back to school.

On the other hand, after my husband’s 6 month job search, there are VERY few jobs that are high school only now. Even restaurant management needs some sort of training. It’s CRAZY out there.

Any different life experiences?

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