Daily Draw

The daily tarot draw isn’t working. One because I don’t always have time during the day to sit down and even look at my tarot cards. Two, no one, not even I, want to read my daily card.


So I’m switching to a weekly draw instead. Weekly is good.

This week Queen of Swords reversed. Let’s see, I wrote the Queen of Swords is about perfectionism. So I guess anti-perfectionism. Which is perfect actually.

Yesterday while trying to get the baby to sleep I figured out my major conflict for the rest of Corey and Mac’s story and writing is suddenly fun again. I was plodding along with it hoping it would turn into something. And it has!

I’m at around 10,000 words and I was beginning to worry that it was useless. That I was going to have to start all over. I will have something at the end of it all. I’m going to post some excerpts of that and other things on Fiction Friday which won’t be every Friday because I don’t get around to doing anything on a regular basis.

I also have some other ideas I’m working on. But mainly, my goal is to get Corey and Mac first draft finished quick as possible.

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