Fiction Friday: Corey

Corey tried to stay in his room as much as he could while his roommates parents were visiting. Family scenes made him uncomfortable. And then there was the questions that other people would inevitably ask. Where was he from, why wasn’t he with his own family. Questions he couldn’t answer, he didn’t even want to think about them.
Laying on his bed, listening to the drone of them out in the living room, he was contemplating them. As a kid he made up stories. As a teen he told people the truth speckled with profanity. Early in his twenties he only talked about it to get a sympathy fuck. Once he realized he could use his fame and charm to get laid, he stopped talking about his family all together. It didn’t really matter he’d never been close to anyone.
Until Mandy. That bitch. He couldn’t even think it with any anger. He loved Mandy. But, friendship had it’s pitfalls. In becoming close to her, he’d become close with others. And through that he’d moved into Doug’s house. Mandy never asked questions but other people did.


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