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Y’know at the end of E-published free books they have a short bio and other works by the author.

Mine used to say: contact the author at … Other books are … with links.

I’m changing this, at least in subsequent books, starting with Colours of the Rain, to the following:

Email the author about her shitty writing, grammer and spelling: at

Bad writing in 140 characters on Twitter.

Writing badly about my life blog at

Discover other titles bad writing by Asrai Devin at

I may go and change this in Second chance Romance and Summer Fling. So far, no takers on the complaining. I worry because I don`t get any hate mail.  Not even when I say porn is awesome or when I spell becuase and forget to spell check.

I really should write but I`m holding a sweet baby! SEE!Who can write at a time like this!

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