Fiction Friday: Mackenzie

The attraction was still there. But it was more like finding your friend’s husband sexy. She guessed. She’d never been there. She’d become Mrs. Johnson at twenty and moved to New York where he played. She was never good with girlfriends anyway. And in hockey it’s even harder because people are always getting traded.
She didn’t work. She dropped out of college to marry Adam. At first she wanted to go to school, and he would discourage her because he might get traded and she’d have to start again in a new city.
Then everyone started having babies. The wives her age on the team and her friends from school who had dispersed around the country. And when she brought it up with her husband he would say, next year will be a better time.
It took her five years to realize that he was going to keep telling her next year forever. He would never say no to her outright. Just a passive-agressive next year put off. At least that’s what her therapist had told her.

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