Sometimes Moms are Right

I complain about my mother a lot here in the real world. Sometimes she is right.

My DH is deathly ill. At least to hear him tell it.

Last night my throat started to tickle while I was on the phone with my mother. She told me to go get some Echinacea. So, desperately not wanting to get sick (and hopefully keeping the baby from it as well) I went and got some. I took 2 doses last night and lo and behold this morning, my throat isn’t hurting. My nose is a bit stuffed and I took another shot this morning. It says to take it three times a day at the first sign of illness.

I’m also dosing DD, 7, with it. She says it tastes nasty. I told her she doesn’t want to get sick.

So, mom, you were right this time. All right?


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