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Again we go in a circle back to Steal This Book experiment Joe Konrath is doing.

The commenters are split in various camps. One thinks piracy is evil and we must stamp it out, whether or not they believe it can be done, it’s still evil. Another group thinks piracy is inevitable and not evil and Joe will succeed in making money. And the third group think it’s just a publicity stunt and you can’t measure the experiment anyway.

I don’t think piracy is evil, or that free is going to take over the world.  What follows is mostly my comment on Joe’s blog, you can follow the link and see the whole thing.

Nathan Hangen says in his e-book, Claiming Your Destiny, he believes that things will swing back to the creators and they will be paid in spades.

The assertion that the culture of free is going to take over is merely speculation. Movie companies and music companies thought as much. In reality, their heydays of making money hand over fist were over.

The people who are against piracy and free are looking at things from a “the slices are getting smaller” perspective.

Joe and the people for piracy are seeing things as “the pie is getting bigger and we can all have a slice.”

As Joe as blogged previously, each time a new format of anything has come out, there has been panic.
VCRs were going to ruin the movie industry. I bet movie sales are at an all-time high despite piracy. If the movie industry isn’t making money it’s becuase of their out of control spending.

MP3’s have been the ruin of music companies because they fought against the new wave.

As content creators we are going to support each other more. More and more people are creating content. We have more energy and excess time and resources (mainly money), and we now have a way to reach mass audiences.

If you are worried about piracy, support your fellow independent creators. Buy their content and COMMENT on it. That’s how we are going to fight against free, but supporting each other.

As well, we need to create a community. When you don’t view people as faceless, you are more likely to support them. And they will also support you.

How can we support each other and create community? That’s the new wave of content creation.

Or at least it should be.

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