Needs vs Wants

In my 5 or so years running a Freecycle(TM) group, i have learned a lot.

My most valuable lesson is need from want.

A lot of people post that they NEED things. Like furniture and electronics. Y’know what, you have a computer and the internet, save some money and buy them.

There are lots of people who write their child is moving out and is looking for stuff. When I moved out on my own I had no furniture outside my bed and a dresser and a computer desk. I had no TV. My dad bought me some dishes and pots and pans, which I’m still using 10 years later. I saved my ass off to buy a microwave. I never did buy anything for my living area.

What happened to those days? You do without until you can buy something.

There is a person on my group who keeps asking for stuff for her kids and saying she is low income and can’t afford stuff for them.

Y’know what? Me too. I would like some different Wii games, but I don’t have the extra spending money. So, we play what we have.  My daughter wants a DS. She might get one for her birthday. Maybe. If we decide to we will sacrifice other things.

We have an allowance to buy things. If we want something more than our allowance then we save until we can get it.

I’m very lucky in many ways. My SIL gives me clothes for my daughter. She’s saved me thousands. It’s been a harsh reality now that my son has come along. Kids clothes are expensive!!

There are a lot of people who are asking for cans and bottles to pay for this and that. It’s slowed down in the past few months, it was getting painful for a while. I commend them for trying. Have you thought about cancelling your internet and cable to pay for things?

Drives me crazy that some people think of Freecycle as their personal shopping list. They repeatedly ask for the same things. I once had a person who posted like 50 different wanteds in a month. I think she’s had a wake up call about how Freecycle(TM) works.

Anyway, the point is, most things are WANTS which is why on Freecycle you post a WANTED message. What you need are food, shelter and safety. If you don’t have those things, there are charities all around who will help out. Freecycle(TM) has a mission of keeping useable items out of the landfill.

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