My lovely Kobo

I meant to post this like 2 weeks ago. The opening pictures now aren’t as exciting as when I first got it. It sits atop some books on my bookshelf as that’s the only place that’s safe from drink spills in the house. I’m pretty serious about that.

Anyway, the Kobo is awesome. Mostly. There are some flaws which I’ll write first then if you care you can look at the awesome pics.

The page turn button is on the right side. I wish it were in the middle so I could use either hand easily. It is possible just more awkward with my left.

Not all epubs allow font size change. Via mobilereads forum I found a program that will fix it. Hopefully they address it in the software upgrade. Lots of people are having a battery issue. They claim 8,000 page flips. I can read 2 books before it gets to half. Generally by then I need to reconnect to the computer to change content.

Apparently, something else is draining the battery and it should be addressed in the first update.

The other battery issue is charging time. The manual says charge til the red light comes on. What has been found is you need to charge til the red light goes off. At least for me it works.

Calibre is awesome for changing my pdfs into epub format. I wish I could convert blog posts and sync them to read on the go without wireless. I wish I could program …

So here are my pictures. Click the link on the pictures to see a larger image/the album.
A little much packaging

From Kobo
From Kobo
From Kobo

Out of the box

From Kobo

Plugged in

From Kobo
From Kobo
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