Update on my toes

My toes were twitching last night. It was strange to see my little and ring(??) toe move independently of each other, while I was in bed I was wondering how many people would click a link to see about my toes.

Big Rock Candy Mountain is running again.  Hooray. I was approached to write something, even have my own “column”. Not sure if I have enough to say. I was thinking about the site and how I seem the least likely to write something there.

Half the contributors there I met via an IRC chat room named #vampire. It was once the home of a group of role-players, playing the white wolf game Vampire. The game had since moved to another channel, and we were left with a chat room.

Anyway the people there slide on the dark side of things. I’m more on the fluffy side.

No wait I take that back. I’m dark and slightly mean. *hides the bunnies hopping behind her*

Anyway, I’m honoured to be asked to contribute to the site. I have a great respect for the writers there.

The first night I slept with my husband he complained about his feet being hot or cold. And after some shuffling I asked if his feet were happy. Apparently it’s a song, but I cannot find any evidence of that. Anyway, I just thought I should bring up the feet again.

Uh, well, reviews to come soon. read some good books and terrible short stories.

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