Reviews: His Lady Mistress and a SS

His Lady Mistress was a free download via Kobo from Harelquin. I stayed up til 2 Am trying to finish the book, only to find I have 4 chapters left to read and that Max, the Earl of Blakehurst was going to take a long while to get a clue and stop being an ass.

Okay the story starts out with a young lady sneaking around in the rain I think. She’s chasing the men who are burying her father who committed suicide. She eventually is found by Max who turns out to have served under her father.

When she is shipped off to live with rich relatives she has a Cinderella type next 5 years. She is mistreated by her aunt, uncle and 2 cousins. Until Max shows up looking for the girl he helped years ago. He doesn’t recognize her and dearest Uncle claims she’s dead.

Max sees how she’s mistreated and not recognizing her proposes to take her as his mistress. She says no repeatedly, then yes. And then he finds out that she is really Verity Scott and gets really pissed and marries her out of some weird duty. He goes on and on about how she tricked him because she wanted to get married. Despite her protests that she didn’t.

Thus is the theme for the book. Verity tries to do something to get released by him and he gets pissed at her for lying to him. Lather, rinse, repeat several times.

One chapter he’s going around saying he’ll win her heart and then he yells at her and makes her feel like shit.

By the last time it happened I was tired of the typical misleadings of other characters some inadvertently, some deliberately. It could have ended several chapters sooner. It started to feel like filler to make the book a certain length.

Overall, it was a good book. Who doesn’t want to be rescued by a handsome Earl they’ve been in love with for years?

I also read Red Riding Hood by Naomi Kramer. Which I only bring up so you’ll avoid it. It could be a good book but it seems more like an outline.

There is an adult costume party. Rosie dresses up like Little Red Riding Hood and Roger is the wolf. They aren’t together. Rosie wants to fuck the bartender but there are rules. The Wolf  hits on her and she thinks idiot, the bartender thinks he’s an idiot. Rosie and Roger end up going home together (no reason why) and they fuck for hours, because he’s a wolf with stamina.

The story could be decent with some character development. Maybe.

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