Who cares what I'm reading?

There’s a post of HuffPo entitled ”

25 Novels You Can Read on a Beach Without Embarrassing Yourself (PHOTOS, POLL)

While this article is geared towards men, I hate this whole “I’m embarrassed to be seen reading a romance” crap women run around with.

Are you in grade school?

Romances are supposed to be dumbed down writing. At least that’s how they are portrayed by, well, damn near everyone. Even though they make up a good chunk of book sales.

Even if they are, who gives  a damn? A bunch of strangers are the only people we try to hide this crap from. Our friends and family surely will know if they spend enough time around a romance reader. Most romance readers read A LOT of books.

Surely, as a grown up, you don’t really care what these strangers think? Do we? I know it’s hard not to sometimes, but come on. Be a grown up. Stand up and say “this is what I like to read” whether it be Twilight, Sandra Brown, or whatever Harlequin is churning out. Or *gasp* gay erotic romance.

There is no such thing as intellectual literature. It’s all nonsense to someone. And to someone else it’s the best thing ever written.
Stop letting other people dictate your life!!

Romances are rarely about rape, bodice ripping or sexual violence.

Also is the internet making us stupid or giving us short attention spans?

I read only parts of articles online because the backlight screen BURNS and I find it hard to focus on where one line ends and another begins without highlighting.

Haven’t they been saying the same thing about TV for decades?

Are we broken yet?

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2 responses to “Who cares what I'm reading?

  1. A fair point, yeah it’s sort of along the same lines as ‘men never admitting that they own a Spice Girls CD!!’

    I agree though, we hold no allegiance to any other opinion or person’s reading preferences. I don’t mind exposing my love of any genre. I’ll applaud it as long as it’s interesting, actually leads somewhere interesting, and is worth the money I paid for it!
    Best wishes,

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