I don't care what you are reading

I was thinking about what I wrote yesterday and then last night we were leaving karate (my daughter is a green belt! at 7), and the women sitting in the car next to ours was reading a Nora Robert’s book. I was going to ask her which one, but since I don’t start conversations and I was holding a 15 lb in a 10 lb car seat I didn’t.

And then I thought, do I look at other people’s reading choices? Probably. I make a note, if it’s someone I know I ask if it’s a good book and ask to borrow it or note the author to pick it up at the library.

I don’t recall ever look at someone’s book and thinking “What a moron. How could they read that crap?” or well, anything else.

I would rather applaud them for reading at all. Give them books they’d also like.

I’ve wondered if librarians check out my book choices. I’ve thought once, twice about a book because maybe the librarian would think I’m weird. Then I decided, fuck it, I want to read this book. If the librarian is going to judge me for it, whateva.

Anyway, damn who judges me either in their heads or out loud. I LOVE BOOKS. (Turns out I don’t really enjoy the Sookie Stackhouse books tho but I do have a free read review coming up).

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