My hot date

I keep telling my hubby I have a hot date. And every night it’s been a three-way. Me, Corey and Mac. I wish I could get Corey alone, but he’s really hung up on this girl.

Could be lasting.

But the dating stage is over.

The word count not including epilogue is 40 K. I have some stuff I want to add (considering it anyway stuff that I thought of during writing) and of course the editing.

I’m pretty happy with how it all turned out.

I worry it lags a bit in the middle. That I was trying too hard to drag things out. I have to finish a few scenes, I wasn’t in the mood for writing.

But that’s what editing is for.

I’m considering my options for a short story that goes in between this story and Summer Fling. It’ll go as a freebie to celebrate the release of this novel. It remains nameless for now.

I will miss Corey. I’m a bit sad to have the major points of it over with. Now comes the work.

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3 responses to “My hot date

  1. And let me know how it turns out with Corey. 😉

    • asrais

      I could be that one secret on post secret.

      I’m finally in a loving comitted relationship. It just happens to be with a married fictional couple.

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