Random thoughts: Hiroshima and doomsday

In grade 8 we had to choose one of several books to read and do different assignments on for English class. Little Big Man was one and Hiroshima was another, which I chose. I chose it because the assignment was to write a story and I loved to write stories. I sucked at it back then and I pity my English teacher for it.

Hiroshima is about the bomb and aftermath. I think. IT must have been because the story we were to write was if Canada was bombed. We weren’t near a major city, but there would be fall out felt where we were.

Sometimes I hear planes over head and my imagination gets the better of me. What would happen if some planes bombed us. Sometimes I can make myself panicky.

but what if … what if. What would happen to life in this country if? I don’t want to write the book. I don’t do well with doomsday fantasy, my brain is too ready to abandon reality and embrace the fantasy. Especially with shit that COULD happen or inevitably will happen. I want to live my happy life and pretend that the world is rainbows and kittens.

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