Review: Irresistiable Forces by Brenda Jackson

I read Irresistable Forces by Brenda Jackson free from Kobo (also free on the kindle from Amazon) a bit ago. I haven’t read anything since I’m sad to say. Being a new mom, summer vacation and trying to finish this damn book have left me zero free time. Magazines are a mother’s best friend however.

So anyway:

The good:

Hot sex, sexy looking characters and exotic locales.

The bad:

Info dumps, characters I didn’t give a damn about

The run down:

Taylor Steele is all of 25?? has everything: success, looks, a great family. But she’s single and she wants a baby. Since she’s single she can’t just get knocked up. She doesn’t want any old sperm, she wants the sperm of one of her bussiness associates, Dominic Saxon

Dom is rich. Dom is as pretty as Taylor. Dom is perfect by all accounts. He’s been widowed for a while and when Taylor asks for him to have hot sex with her as a means to getting her pregnant, he’s like “Sure.” He never wanted to marry again, but having a child appeals to him.

They make up a contract for custody and bills and shit. And then they fly off to an island whose sole purpose is to get people pregnant. And she’s checked on her cycle to make sure she’ll be fertile.

There’s a bunch of info dumps in the book about the past books because Taylor has two sisters and some cousins who have their own books, one of her sister’s is foreshadowed.  Also a lot of info dumps on Dom’s parents and how FAB they are.

Anyway, I had a hard time giving a crap about the characters. They already had everything except a baby. There was no real character growth. The author threw in a minor conflict, but I didn’t really care that much. They already had everything and there was no real emotion between them.

There was a lot of hot sex however. If you want something slightly erotic, go for it. But over all, it lacked in the conflict and characters that you care about.

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