I’m reading Purple Cow by Seth Godin. And he writes about advertising models etc.It’s a really good book.

(If those post turns out badly it’s because I’m nursing and writing on a computer that can only run one program at a time).

I was checking out places my books were a few days ago and I realized today I’ve missed an important marketing opportunity. Sure my book, Second Chance Romance is out there and it’s free. But I haven’t linked to my other books or anywhere the reader can find me.

Hello? What’s the point of giving my book away if they can’t find anything else by me. At this point, most of my sales, I believe, are impulse clicks.

Anyway, sometime I have to fix this. And a few other things. We recently changed service providers so the Shaw stuff is dead in the water.

I’m nearly done using bite size edits to rework Colours of the Rain. Which is  a total mess. Last but not least, Corey’s story which has main subplot as hockey, doesn’t have any hockey in it. How did I miss that?

Does anyone remember Doug in the stories? Would anyone be interested in his? Not sure if I would or not. I have his lady picked out though. SO I’ll probably write it anyway.


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