So .. I started writing this morning

The baby kept us up until 12:30 and my phone rang at 8 Am. Not happy. but then I couldn’t get back to sleep so …

I started planning Doug’s story in my head. He’s got some pretty significant page time in Corey’s story ’cause (well I can’t tell you that would ruin the plot) … Anyway, he has a scene where he confesses he’s never actually been in love.

When he made that confession it solidified my need to write his story. I’ve had his woman picked out for him since Kip and Mandy.

I really was going to take a break from the hockey bit. But, here it comes again. I have a paranormal one I’d like to write that I’ve had plotted for 2  years.

Also, I’m planning some contesty stuff for when I edit some stories. Contests are fun.

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