W-7 and editing

So being a Canadian indie author it turns out- kinda a pain in the ass. I have to get a US tax number or some such which involves a lot of form filling and jumping through hoops, so they don’t take 30% of my monies made. Oh well, live and learn. I hope I do this right because otherwise … I dunno what? What?

Anyway, I finished the bite size edit version 1 of Colours of the Rain. I’m sorry everyone who tried to read that story for subjecting you to the writing. Damn wrong wrong wrong.

We went camping on the weekend with my mom, step-dad and and a friend of my mom’s since like kindergarten. And her husband and 3 of their 4 children- 2 of whom are special needs. It was an interesting experience. Since we also had our daughter and the baby. The baby loved it.

I did not take any pictures.  Because I took the big camera but not the little one. It wasn’t very exciting.Now the corn maze, that would have been good pictures … but that’s another story.

School and karate start next week and I have yet to go school shopping. Not good. Tomorrow probably.

Look for an updated version of Colours of the Rain soon. A readable version. 😛

Thinking of changing  my tag line to something from “The Way’ by Fastball. A modified version anyway.

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