Corn Maze

Thursday was not a nice day here. The province west of ours (BC) is covered in wildfires. Much of my husband family lives in the Cariboo region where the worst of it is.

So anyway, the smoke drifts over our province and further east. It was bad here, visibility was limited.

But my mom phones, her friend is coming with her girls (13 twins with special needs and a 5 year old) and we should all go to the corn maze.

Yeah right. Okay so we pack up and head out. And I’m driving along thinking “this is the worst idea in the world I can barely see. Is having the baby out in this good?” But we get there and it’s not too bad.

So we hang around playing with stuff for a while because there’s jumping places and pedal cars to drive. Then we head into the maze.

And we are LOST. Lost lost lost. There are 4 parts to phase one (which it turns out is the longest part of the maze) and we get stuck in part 1 for like 40 minutes and then part 2 for another 40 or something. It’s insane.

And then it starts to POUR. And then the pouring turns to mini-Hail. It’s hailing.

My daughter and I are dressed warmly with shoes. My mom has shoes and shorts on. The friend and her kids are wearing shorts, t-shirts and Flip-flops. We hide in the corn for a bit.

I have the baby in a carrier on my front and I’m leaning over him as best I can. He’s sleeping through this all.

The rain isn’t slowing and hiding in the corn doesn’t help. So we decided to just press on try to get the hell out. Somehow.

The dirt path which has been walked on endlessly is now MUD.

Finally this kid who works the maze and helps the lost (us) finds us and says he’ll lead us out. THANK YOU kid.

It’s slippery. The girls are freaking out about the mud and wet and cold. Their legs are turning black because flip-flops flip mud up the backs of their legs.

My stroller (which I only brought to carry all the stuff we needed) is caked in mud. It still is since we don’t  have a tap outside.

My daughter is marching right behind the dude saving us. I’m holding the youngest kid’s hand so she doesn’t fall into the mud. Eventually two of the kids take off their sandals.

I’m laughing. We decide that it’s funny because we’ll  have this great story. Remember that time we went to the corn maze …

No one had a camera. Mom called my step-dad and asked him to bring one. He jumps on his motorcycle and drives into the worst of the storm.

We wash the girls feet in this water pump game and then eat supper and play until they kick us out.

Moral of the story: never go to a corn maze in sandals. And everything is funny if you look at it sideways.

Oh yeah, the clues they give you. Totally wrong. Both times they sent us in the wrong direction.

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