Indie reasoning missed carnival edition

I, too, missed the blog carnival. Shit. I haven’t been on my blog, reading blogs or any form of social media. School is starting soon and I’m carving the last days of summer and the last month of my baby girl being 7!!

I’m indie because I want to be read. I thought about my options when Second Chance Romance was finished. Or at least I thought it was. Probably could use another edit to make it shine but … anyway. Still no one writes to tell me how much I suck … (I know this sounds like I’m down on myself- I’m not, but you aren’t successful until someone says you suck).

Publishing is at least a 2 year journey. And an uncertain one. I doubt that a publisher or agent would take a second look at SCR. Does that mean it’s unreadable drek? I don’t think so. While I’m not selling like Konrath or Author Winters. I don’t think it’s that bad. I’m still working on GREAT.

Indie is a journey.

And if I never make a living off it. So what? More than one person has said they like SCR. Summer Fling didn’t work out as well. I didn’t love the characters as much and it shows. I didn’t write the book I planned.

I love writing. I want to reach the readers rather than spend my time making it into a book someone thinks will sell. I don’t think my book would sell enough for a print run, but I like my version.

But,  yeah, it’s full of bad grammar and probably somoe (I refuse to fix this typo!!) spelling errors and repetitious wording.

I still love Kip and Mandy and Colton. I look forward to sharing with readers who Corey is and what his journey is. And I have other things planned as well. Much much more.

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2 responses to “Indie reasoning missed carnival edition

  1. LMAO @ calling me Author Winters. Thanks for the shout out! I’m giving away a Kindle this week, so check out my blog if you’d like to enter!

    • asrais

      Shit like that sticks in my brain.
      I’m gonna stay out of the kindle competition. I’m happy with my Kobo. But I will blog/twitter the contest. Can I win a copy of your book instead? *hopeful*

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