Previous verisions

Corey and Mac’s story needs a title. I can’t keep referring to it as “Corey and Mac’ or “Corey’s story”.

I had a great title. But it was one of those moments when I was doing something else and I thought “That is sooo brilliant, I will remember, I don’t need to write it down.” So that ship sailed.

I just have to sit in quiet and think about it and I’ll find one.

Anyway, I was going through my flash drive files and I found two pervious versions of Corey. I thought it would be fun to share some of both of them with the world.

They are 10,000 and 2500 words long each, so I can’t post the whole of them. Maybe they could be available for download as files if there is any interest. I’ll also tell you why I abandoned each of them. I mean 10,000 words is no small start and I had to quit! I was devastated, but it just wasn’t working.


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