First Version Excerpt 1

“Mackenzie Elliot.” Mac looked around for a moment before she realized the secretary was speaking to her. She hadn’t been called Mackenzie very often in her entire life, let alone the past dozen or so years.

Maybe she should have returned to using her maiden name, she thought as she followed the secretary down the hall. She’d always felt more a part of the Elliot family than her own, even after the divorce, which made keeping her married name seem logical.

Still it seemed like holding onto the past as she moved onto a new life in a new city.

“Mr. Geren is waiting,” the secretary said as she opened the door.

“Thank you,” Mac said, but the secretary was already gone. She straightened her shoulders and went into the neat office.

“Ms. Elliot, sorry to keep you waiting,” Ted Geren said.

“Every time I come in here I’m disappointed,” Mac said. “Your office looks nothing like one would expect a private eye’s to look like.”

He smiled indulgently. “You’ve seen too many movies. I have to keep strict confidential records. You wouldn’t want another of my clients to see what you’ve paid me good money for.” He tapped the folder on his desk. “I have the information you requested.”

Mac sat down, feeling slightly weak in the knees. A month ago her ex-husband Mitchell Elliot had called to ask for a favour: find his foster brother. He asked Mac for two reasons; the first was that she lived in the same city and the second was because he had cut off ties to the Elliot’s nearly a decade ago. They didn’t want to push him, even now.

“Great,” Mac squeaked out. “What did you find?”

Ted Geren opened the folder on his desk. He flipped through the items within for a moment. “So, Mr. Porter wasn’t difficult to track down. He plays for the Calgary Flames. He rents from a team mate, Doug Black.”

Another photograph. Made her feel like some sort of stalker, taking pictures of people who didn’t know they were being photographed.

“The address is there on the papers. He isn’t married nor a steady partner. He likes to go out when he’s in town and party. He frequents a bar called, Stompin’ Grounds and picks up women there.” The P.I stopped for a moment and skimmed through the words on the report. “He also frequently visits the home of Mandy and Kip Turner. Mr. Turner is the goalie for the same team. As per your request, I didn’t look into the people around Mr. Porter.”

“Thank you,” Mac said, still staring at the picture of Corey Porter. She hadn’t seen him in ten years. He hadn’t changed much. He’d grown more mature in his features. But he was still as sexy as he had been those years ago. Not that she ever had an interest in him.

She had been best friends with Rebecca Elliot since first grade. They had always fostered children, but it wasn’t until she was in tenth grade that Corey Porter came to live with them.

On the exterior he was a tough punk kid who didn’t have much respect for anyone. Four years living with the Elliot’s eventually changed that but to Mac he was always Becky’s little brother.

“Take a few minutes to read over the full report and assure me you are satisfied with the information we uncovered.”

Mac nodded at him and took the folder he held out. She skimmed over it. It was just as he said. She closed the folder and tucked it into her bag. “Thank you, Mr. Geren. I will let you know if the family wants to know more about Mr. Porter.” She shook Geren’s hand and then headed for the door.

She opened the folder in her car and dialed Mitchell’s number. “Mitchell Elliot.”

“Mitch it’s Mac. I got the information you wanted.”

Don’t know why you needed it from a private investigator, when an internet search would have done the same thing. She didn’t say that instead she said, “I’ll fax it to you. Do you want me to try to contact him?”

His silence went on so long she checked the phone to make sure the call hadn’t dropped. “No. I- that’s all. Thank you Mackenzie. I owe you. I’ll talk to you soon.” And then her ex-husband hung up on her.

Mac closed her cell phone between her free hand and her rib cage. Her other hand was staring at Corey Porter’s picture. He shouldn’t cut off the family who treated him so well, she thought. If they weren’t willing to pursue a reunion, she might have to take things into her own hands.



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