Free review: Pirate's Angel

So I guess I found this via Free online novels. Which explains a lot since the site doesn’t do descriptions. The book is called Pirate’s Angel by Robyn Crane (more about her in a minute). I downloaded the rtf and used calibre to make it an epub.

After reading the first three or four chapter I nearly deleted the whole thing.

The “hero” is a pirate who kills several people in front of the heroine.

Yep, I was done. I had trouble getting to where he could come back from that and make me “love” him.

Then, he pretty much rapes her. Which killed the romance for me. Sorry Ms. Crane. No matter how turned on I was while asleep, when I wake up and find the pirate murderer fucking me and I say “Stop” and he keeps going, I don`t try to enjoy myself. I cry, scream and am unhappy.

So as a romance I find it a failure for me.

There were some good moments, the rape notwithstanding. I pretend that it didn`t happen for the rest of the novel for the sake of the characters. The writing could have used a polish, but overall not terrible.

In writing this review I went to Robyn Crane`s website. I read her lovely dialog with an editor who wanted to contract for her book. The exchange shows nicely why most indies want to be independent. We don`t want someone else telling us how our book should be written. So I might grab her other stuff for reading later.

Bonus: Smart Bitches want to know if you read self-pubbed works. Note: the blurb does not reflect all self-published works. Or hopefully many. How did he get on fictionwise anyway

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