First version abandonment

Excerpt one

Excerpt two

So in this version, Corey and Mac had a back story together.

Corey lived in a foster home. Mac was best friends with his foster sister. She was a few years older and Corey had a mad crush on her. She was the girl he couldn’t forget and the reason why he never settled down.

His foster brother asks Mac to track Corey down for  him after Mackenzie moves to Calgary. She’s a psychologist or something. I can’t recall. It never made it to the story.

Why I abandoned this version:

I didn’t want to do another flashback story. I’ve had a bit of negative reaction to all the flashbacks in Second Chance Romance. And I just didn’t want to go there again. Corey needed a fresh start.

So I wondered who would challenge Corey the next most? A woman trying to change him. Which brings us to the next version. More on that next week.

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