Funny thing

Last night my husband went to take a bath and my daughter and I were watching television.
A commercial came on for a smart phone cell phone (Blackberry).

I’ve been wanting a cell phone. Not because I care if I’m connected to twitter and facebook and the internet while I’m not at home, but because I want it.

We only have one cell  phone in our house and since I”m not working it’s no longer mine. I don’t need one but I want one. So I say, “I want a cell phone. Not because I want a cell phone, but just because I want something shiny.”

My daughter considers this and says, “You want something shiny. Like a spoon?”
Awesome right? A cell phone is about as useful to me in most of my life as a spoon. There are times when it’s useful but most of the time, don’t need either one.

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