Corey version 2

I wrote there were two previous versions of Corey. I found a third. Here is number two with his agent, Rachel. I’m only putting one scene up here. The rest you can read at: mediafire in pdf or epub

She was being sent to Calgary. It was like being 12 and being sent to your room, Rachel Taylor reflected as she looked out her office window. It was even her father who was sending her. She wanted to run away like a rebellious teenager. Instead, she was 33 years old, and she would face her duties. She would do her job. She was damned good at her job.

She was being sent because of her very public breakup with Washington Stars star pitcher, Patrick Barber. The tabloids broke a three months ago with the story. Pat on a beach in Florida, he was there for a few days for games and she had to work, with his 20-year-old girlfriend. The newest superstar model, Ophelia Morgens. Only he’d forgotten to let Rachel know that they had broken up first.

So much for his proclaimed maturity. There was only three years age difference between them.

Thinking about it now, made her want to scream, throw things and generally have a tantrum. Rachel sank down at her desk, glad her father had left. He might regret sending her to Calgary to deal with things there, instead he might send her on vacation as he suggested when the news first broke. Or worse, to a mental retreat, aka psych ward.

She smiled at the thought. If things got worse she might consider checking herself in.

She lifted her head and opened the file on her desk. Corey Porter, one of her newest clients. One of the few her father was foisting on her from Calgary. She didn’t know why one of the agents at the office there couldn’t take on the clients. Hal Taylor insisted that they were too important to hand to just anyone.

So, here she was, shuffling her responsibility around at home in New York. And jumping on a plane to Calgary, Alberta. She cringed at the thought. It sounded like cold and winter, even in the middle of summer.

Corey Porter. Hockey player. Kind of a jackass in public. A womanizer. Perfect, just the kind of guy she would have been hoping to avoid. But, she’d be working with him closely. Hopefully convincing him to change his attitude and his reputation. His contract was coming up and it wouldn’t help him with a poor reputation.

She did the math quickly, he was 29. Great, so not the age to change his attitude, especially not as a sports figure. Those types never changed.

This was going to be a pain in the ass. And a lot of work for her. She put her head back down on the desk. He was no Sean Avery nightmare, but this wasn’t a dream job.

When she lifted her head she found herself staring at his handsome mug shot. It was like his eyes were staring right into her. He was far too good-looking. And he knew it. Another strike against him.

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