Why I kicked the agent version

I wrote 9, 579 words with Rachel and Corey. It was rereading that version that made me start sharing the previous versions I wrote. I love the snark and wit and self-deprecation of the characters. I love how she challenged him.

But ..

I don’t know a damn thing about sports agents. Was my portrayal accurate?

Tho I don’t know how pro sports teams work either. Do they party in the dressing room after games?My husband fields a lot of questions. “Hon, if a players in injured does he go to games?” “Babe, when do big name players start training camp?”

I will claim artistic licence here. But I didn’t feel confident enough with the agent storyline to go on it. I may try it again. Anyone know a sports agent willing to tell the details of their work? No names just: do you handle this aspect of their life?

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