Starting Over

I’m staring Corey’s novel over.

Saturday I woke up and was thinking about the conflict. I wasn’t entirely sold on it. And then it hit me. The Perfect Woman for Corey Porter …

There is no way I can release (working title) “Baggage” as is.

It does not fit Corey. He isn’t the same in the book as he is in the two previous books. He was much more serious and I just didn’t like it at all.

I was physically ill about it at first.

I went back and forth. I’ll leave it. I’ll scrap it. I’ll leave it. I’ll scrap it.

Finally, while I was doing a lot of things that are really meaningless to the novel, I decided I had to rewrite it. For Corey’s sake.

As I started to look things over, I realized that the story was terrible. I changed details alluded to before to fit the new story line. For example, I had Doug, Ky and Corey living together, when Corey and Ky definitely had their own places.

There are several scenes I will be pulling for the new version of “Baggage”. I’m taking the old version and morphing into something else, which will also take extensive re-working.

Baggage has to come first and then Luke or Jake or Scott’s story. (i have a lot of details to nail down).

For now, while I write as fast as humanly possible (I wish I were sorrier but I have to do this!!), you can check out the new cover I did for Second Chance Romance. I’m trying to make it not look like a DIY project gone terribly wrong. Offers of help only.

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