So Canadian

CBC has this funny show where they take 8 former professional  hockey players and put them on figure skates next to a professional figure skater. It’s like “Dancing With the Stars” Canadian style. It’s called Battle of the Blades.

I love this show. Last season, the first season,  had a bunch of players I’d never heard of.

This year we have: Theo Fleury (who is very well-known for having “written” a book about his abuse by his junior hockey coach and doing some serious drugs while playing) , Valeri Bure, PJ Stock (who is an absolute riot) and some other people.

Okay, I want to write a bunch about Laraque getting hit in the head by his partner’s blade while doing an amazing move (that they NAILED during the live show), but that’s beside the point.

So, they have a live skate on Sunday and then the bottom two votes have to preform again and the judges get to pick the winner.

Two former hockey players, Brett Hull and Jeremy Roenick,  and one figure skater, Sandra Bezic were juding last night.

And here’s where we get Canadian. Both of the guys were like, “Oh you are all so wonderful, we just hate to have to be mean and vote one of you off.”

I am dying laughing, because it’s so Canadian (Roenick isn’t actually Canadian, I digress). The big bad hockey players don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Anyway, great show. I love what CBC is doing for Canadian TV. They have Little Mosque on the Prarie, Republic of Doyle, Men with Brooms (a spin-off from Paul Gross’s movie). Rick Mercer Report (a little like John Stewart for Canada).If  you want some fun you watch: Everything you wanted to know about Canada but were afraid to ask by Rick Mercer (or try talking to americans, but you may not get the joke).

Awesome sauce!

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