Anyone listening?

Novelr gives me  such great reading material. Like Michael Stackpole writing about writer’s whining about ebooks not paying enough.


I can go into a bookstore and buy a hard cover for $20-$30 (let’s say, probably more). Author gets their pittance of like $5 from that. The same book as an electronic is $12 which returns a little less to the author and sells less because the pricing doesn’t make sense.

I can buy electronically from Smashwords, Amazon and Kobo: 20ish books at 99 cents, 10 books at 1.99, or 6-7 books at 2.99 for the same $20. For even par on entertainment value, i’m going with at least 7 books giving me many hours of enjoyment rather than three or four for my $20. (The same goes for movies except moives are far less quality these days).

If I pay a few bucks for your work, like it, I’ll go find your back list.

Oh sorry traditionally published authors you don’t have your back list available?

You lose.

What’s that it will take your publisher years to get the new title out?

I’ve moved on to someone who is producing faster.


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