The Plan

Here is my current plan: (Okay writer’s usually have more ideas than they can ever write and I wake up at least once a week with a new idea and I scrawl it down somewhere and never write it, but anyway I have a few projects going on).

1) A few short stories to write. Often my ideas never get written because I have this idea that I’m supposed to write novels. I think I’ll start writing this stuff into short stories, which I’ll collect and publish as a collection.

2) Edit Baggage (aka Corey’s story).

3) Make a cover for Baggage. A cover takes a few days for me to settle on. And then I change it a few weeks later.

4) Start new hockey novel.

I have 2 more left to write. When I started this I first plotted out Summer Fling (my plotting wasn’t much like the final story but it was plotted first).

Then the high school sweetheart thing got into my head (and goalies. I love goalies). My original plan was for Mandy to have had a crush on Kip in  high school but he never gave her the time of day, but then Kip took over and feel for her.

So, then in Second Chance, we met Corey and everyone wants to read Corey’s story. So I wrote that one. Except, the one I wrote wasn’t the right one, but it had a great heroine so she’s going to show up in the one after Corey.

I planned Doug’s story before I even started Summer Fling, but after getting to know his character, it solidified. So Mackenzie Black gets her day and then Doug get his. And then I’m not writing ANYMORE hockey. For a while.

Maybe I’ll write with an MMA star. Okay that is just my crush on Georges St-Pierre talking. We watched the last season of The Ultimate Fighter and I just love his accent.

I do have a fun plan for after the hockey stuff is done. I’d probably like writing hockey more if the real Flames were doing better. The year I started SCR they nearly won The Cup.

So, I have lots coming. After we get over this round of colds. Sick 9 month olds are a pain.

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