Taboos in Romance

I was pondering erotic romance taboos last night.

Like “cheating”. Can that ever work in romance? Is it allowed in erotica? Probably the latter, but I am so used to reading romance, especially  mainstream views à la mainstream review sites. You know where they are, I wont link.  Where fantasy isn’t always fantasy. Some of these reviewers espouse the view that romance needs to reflect moral values and standards.

As if you cannot indulge in incest, S&M, or rape fantasy without condoning such acts.

Just because I get some excitement from imagining some poor hapless girl forced to have sex, does not mean I EVER wish it to happen to anyone. When I think about the reality i get physically ill.

I know there are some people who can’t. Which leads to Amazon banning incest, under-18 erotica. (BTW, condoning teens having sex does not mean you want to fuck an underage kid. It just means you acknowledge teens as having adult hormones and feelings.)

Come on people. These have been used in private fantasies and in books for ages.

I still have no idea why there is an outcry when it comes to fantasy sex, but none about fantasy murder. I can watch people being stabbed, shot, cut apart 24 hours a day. My daughter can view it EVERY night on television. But if I want to read about a brother and sister doing each other I have to jump through hoops.

(Not that I want my eight-year-old to watch sex either. We almost can’t watch television with her anymore. I really don’t think Two and a Half men is quality family viewing either.

So back to the original point.

What breaks a romance for you? For me, it was the murder and rape in Robyn Cranes Pirate’s Angel by the hero. Hero commits murder, kidnaps her, more or less forces himself on her and she falls n love.

Can you get away with more if it’s not romance and strictly erotic? I havent read much erotica so I don’t know as much.

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