Second Chance Romance Timeline

Here is the timeline that occurs in Second Chance Romance.


DO not read to the end if you don’t want the special effects ruined. Like y’know how the book ends Happily Ever After or if Kip wins the Stanley Cup.


February 12, 1978 Kip Turner is born

June 8, 1978 Mandy Green is born

Winter 1993 Mandy Green moves to North Battleford, SK from Turtleford, SK

1994 Kip meets Mandy

June 1994 Kip and Mandy start dating

1995 Kip and Mandy move to Saskatoon

1995 Kip is drafted to Ottawa

1997 Mandy meets Eric Tressor

October 28, 1998 Colton Daniel Tressor is born

1999 Mandy moves to Red Deer, AB to live with Eric and be a family

2001 Mandy leaves Eric (okay don’t ready too closely, I fudged the dates a little becuase I did the timeline after writing the book. I forgot to factor in 9 months of pregnancy when I wrote the book).

Between 94 and 2006 Kip plays for several different teams. The details weren’t important to the story so I never wrote them down. Also I was writing the story as fast as possible and not until I worked out the math did I realize I was a bit off.

2006 Kip is traded to Calgary DUM-DUM-DE-DUM

2006 Kip contacts Mandy via Facebook

December Kip and Mandy go out for dinner, kiss

2007 January they start dating

May Team wins the Cup (I actually decided on winning hockey games by flipping a coin. Heads- Win Tails- Lose. I didn’t decide they’d win the Cup beforehand, it was up to a coin toss).

July Kip and Mandy get married

March, 2008 Mandy is due with their first baby.

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