Interesting crap #2

Justine Musk on should you release fiction on your blog

I love everything Justine says on Tribal Writer. More or less. Read it.

Skelliewag on writing (or blogging) for the sake of creation, not money-making

Why do ebooks cost so much? Doesn’t answer the mentality behind the pricing scheme. Reminds of Dean Smith’s myth of books as Events. Given all the books out there, it isn’t hard to write one. The first good one for me was an event, but now, not so much. My last round of editing was momentous as I realized how terrible my grammar and such was, but that’ s in the past as well. Formatting an e-book, also not so difficult. Covers- well I’m not an artist, but I don’t think mine are HORRIBLE.

Anyway, it is not as difficult to write, edit or format a book as New York would have us all believe. It does not cost $5000 for a cover. You are paying for expensive lunches, offices, and egos.

Gina Marie on best life lessons

Working a dead-end job taught me…

13. Life is too short to be wasting time not doing what you love to do despite the risks or odds against you

14. Hard work doesn’t always give you the results you want, especially if you aren’t aligned with your purpose in life

Better Writing Habits is giving 30 days of tips to makeover your writing. Cute tips,

Ditchwalk on one or two spaces? Apparently there are a bunch of OCD-types who say if you ever use two spaces you should be flogged. Publically. I didn’t know people could tell without the benefit of Show-all-characters in Word.

28 workers in Bagladesh were burned alive while making cheap clothes for the GAP, Target and others.

Is Heinz the best ketchup? I recall Streetcents doing this in the 90’s on CBC and the cheapo won there as well. Hehe Streetcents was awesome.

How different would you be if you lived in a different country? Fun. And depressing.

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