Finding Time

One of most frequently asked questions (okay the one I imagine people asking me when I’m famous) is how do I find time to write? I have 2 children, no housekeeper, no cook and a husband who wants me to have sex with him. Occasionally. When the baby goes to sleep and stays asleep.

Anyway when do I write:

After everyone is in bed. I stay up too late and write. And play Free cell.

During nap times. Like right now. DS is sleeping on me and I am writing. And reading Twitter and not writing fiction. I should be writing. I feel guilty, but this SS is kicking my ass!

I read this once in a book of Julia Cameron‘s. You know creativity guru Julia. ANyway, she said she learned it from her mother. She would write when she could. Five minutes here, ten minutes there. In between life happening. She didn’t have an hour or three where she could just sit and write, so she would write when she could.

I used to always keep my WIP open on the computer and while I played with my DD two feet away on the floor, I would kneel in front of the computer (as I am now) and write a couple of sentences, then it would be my turn in Candyland and I would break.

I don’t do this because I hate this computer screen. It’s great for games and watching movies and things like that. But it is huge and makes my paragraphs into HUGE long things that go over the screen. I prefer the laptop’s tiny screen and lack of internet connection. I don’t use it in the living room because my son loves buttons and I’m afraid he’s going to wreck the ancient laptop and then I will be forced to write on the giant screen.

Maybe I should try wordwrap to make them look more like book paragraphs. Okay, I’m on that for later. It’s lunch time right now.

Funny, I’ve been planning this post for days in my head. And yesterday Write it Sideways posts about writing an ebook for busy moms trying to write.

I wanted to get my post in first.

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