Other people do not have the same views

We watch a show called Moving Up on TLC. The show has a couple of familes who move houses, renovate then the old owners come back and check it out and give their opinion. Before they move thy talk about how perfect their house and how they cannot imagine anyone would change anything. (Most notably last weekend one woman said she’d be pissed if the new owners took down the original tile in her old house and then proceeded to do the same in her new house).

It amazes me how people think everyone shares their view of things.

I get into modes where I believe my husband has the same thoughts I do.

I just really get annoyed when people do not understand how someone could have a differing opinion. Especially when they expect others to have theirs. I love debating stuff with other people, but i can’t stand this “you are wrong and I am right” stance I run into. Even though when I debate I know i am right.

Just something I’ve noticed in people lately.

Do you believe other people share your opinions?


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