Just for the record

I was a total addict for all those Facebook games, mostly the ones from Zynga with a *Ville in the name. (I mention this because I made fun of it in Complications Over Coffee– it`s in the first chapter, which you can read for free on Smashwords).

My daughter also isn`t allowed her own account so she plays on mine.

I stopped just before Complications Over Coffee came out because they are getting ridiculous. Every building requires you to request several different items- ON YOUR WALL. Thus spamming your friends who have live and do go on Facebook for socializing. I cleared out my app requests on the weekend. I have 90 today! Farmville is the worst.

I will have a free short story out soon! It would be today but it`s on the laptop and the baby fell asleep on me. And then I`m working on editing a second story, so that will also be out soon. And then I will be writing the next Up in Flames by April for sure. I have the skeleton worked out.


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